3 Major Myths Every Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Must Know about Biologic Drugs

In less than 5 minutes understand exactly what doctors aren't sharing about this deadly important decision...

Hi there, thinking about starting Immunosuppressant or Biologic Drugs for RA? If so, please pause for 5 minutes and read this important free report I created.

I’m Lisa, RN, Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach and I’m not anti-drug but I am concerned that most patients assume or are told lies about these drugs. Including:

  • What and How they do to bodies, and what happens when they stop working …
  • A full list of side effects and side effect rates (it’s much higher than you’d think)
  • 4 Easy to remember but very important facts about Biologics to ask doctors about before ever starting (costs, best drug options, efficacy rates etc)

This is the report I wish I had when I felt pressured to take Biologic Drugs or end up in a wheelchair (both of which I’ve avoided).